HTMLE v2.0.0 Released!

It's been a long road from v1 to here. Version 1 was built before the iOS release of Killing Time at Lightspeed, and was functional but lacked a lot of quality-of-life features.

HTMLE v2 updates all the frameworks used to their most recent versions, works consistently across PC and Mac, and allows you to set up your app name, version and all other info in a single file for use across all the different builds. It also adds that version number to your builds, so that every time you build, it creates a new folder for that version so you can roll back if needed.

It also now allows you to upload your games straight to and Steam if you have accounts set up.

This version adds improvements across the board.

  • grunt-nwjs replaced with the nw-builder project
  • steam and uploading added
  • no longer requires extra software for compiling on mac
  • consistent audio implementation middleware added
  • example project added
  • windows command windows stay open after completion so you can see errors
  • new build scripts added
  • improved support for semantic versioning

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May 14, 2018

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